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Raw Vegan Crepes w/ Whipped Cream and Fig Syrup


Crepe Batter1c golden flax (ground)1/2c shredded coconut1 apple (granny smith) OR 2 bananas (i like nanners better flavor wise but apple is a better food imo)cinnamonpinch saltcloves, nutmeg, whateveryou could put a teaspon of coconut oil too if you got it around, or some chiaI put it all in the Vita mix, add about 1c water and then add about another half cup as its combining.THEN I put my small pie mold on my dehydrator sheets and make four crepes per excalibur tray.dehydrate for about an hour, flip, then 4 hours more.these are cool cause you can do em with other lunch stuff and have em for desert at dinner, if you got that kinda time!Macadamia Whipped Cream1c macadamias2 tbsp lemon juice1 banana or some date pastepinch salt, maybe mesquite, cinnamon, macairish moss (just enough to make it a lil fluffy, like 1 oz)  water as needed, probably around a half cup to cream the macadamesFig Syrup6-12 figscinnamonwater to blend em downa Vita Mix to get all them seeds! 
  • 18 April 2014
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